Whole Genome Sequencing

Our goal as a sequencing provider is to tailor existing technologies and sample preparation methods to better accommodate small genomes. By focusing our offerings on only the most highly demanded services, we are able to consistently provide a combination of price and turnaround time that is unmatched. All prices are fully inclusive of QC, library prep, sequencing and data distribution.

Illumina Sequencing

Whole Genome Sequencing
Our center utilizes a single library preparation method based upon the Illumina Nextera kit.  All samples are processed in the same manner and sequenced to the requested depth on the NextSeq 550 platform.  

This service will provide paired end reads (2x150bp) delivered as fastq files.  The total amount of reads you receive will be based upon the following list of sequencing depths available:

Sequencing Package

(Guaranteed minimum number of >Q30 reads)*

Example Uses Price
150Mbs Plasmids, Viral dsDNA, bacterial genomes <5Mb $80.00
300Mbs Bacterial genomes requiring extra coverage or >5Mb in size $100.00
625Mbs Bacterial populations, yeast genomes $125.00
1Gbs Large yeast genomes, metagenomes, small algae $200.00

*Average delivered amount is approximately 2-3 times higher

Sample Requirements:

  • 40uL or more total volume
  • Sample concentration of at least 10ng/uL

Long Read Sequencing

Our facility provides long reads using the Oxford Nanopore platform. We use a PCR-free ligation library preparation that provides reads equal to the length of the input DNA, which have been shown to assemble into complete genomes with as little as 12x coverage.  Long reads are also an excellent tool for sorting out highly repetitive regions of genomes or determining the location of mobile genetic elements.

When used in combination with Illumina reads (to improve accuracy at the nucleotide level), long read sequencing is a perfect choice for closing genomes and assembling communities.  Our facility uses the latest, proven software to combine the two data types into a single, annotated genome file.

Sequencing Package Description Price
Nanopore Only Minimum of 300Mbs Long Reads $400.00
Nanopore Combo  De novo assembly and annotation of your sample using Nanopore and Illumina reads
(300Mbs Nanopore and 300Mbs Illumina sequencing are included)
*For genomes larger than 10Mb, please contact for pricing*

Sample Requirements

  • 60uL or more total volume
  • Sample concentration greater than 40ng/uL (measured by Qubit), or greater than 100ng/uL (measured by Nanodrop)

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