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MiGS will become SeqCenter on June 6th, 2022. Below are additional details on what to expect during this transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still expect the same excellent quality of service and turnaround time?
Of course! Our name and location may be changing, but our service and guarantees remain the same.
I have an order in progress! How will this affect my order? What do I need to do?
Your order will not be affected, and you do not need to change anything. All orders currently in progress will be processed in the usual manner and anything received at either facility during the transition period will receive the same level of service that we have always provided.

Can I still access my previous orders’ data?
Your Box folders will still be available, and we will continue to use the same method of distribution.

I have a MiGS quote and still want to place an order with it after June 6th. What should I do?
Our MiGS website will still be available to process quotes and orders that have already been created until June 17th. After June 17th, we kindly ask that you place a new order through our new website.

Do I need to update my PO or billing information? How can I do that?
You will not need to update your purchase orders. We are working with all institutions that we are currently doing business with to update our registrations and billing information, so that the transition is as smooth as possible. (We are the same legal entity, just taking on a new name.)

Where should I send my samples?
Currently, please continue sending your orders to our 355 Fifth Avenue, Suite 810, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 address. After June 6th, we ask that your samples to our new address at 91 43rd Street, Suite 250, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. We will be accepting packages at both locations until July 8th to ensure no samples are missed!

How long will you store my sample or extraction?
Our storage policies remain the same. Please see our policy page for more information.

I had prepaid funds. Am I going to lose them? How do I use them?
All prepaid funds will carry over to SeqCenter. You can reference them in the exact same way during the checkout process. Please reference the email sent to you when the account was established for instructions.

I have a question not listed here. Who can I contact?
We would be happy to answer any questions you have via email at info@seqcenter.com, by phone at (878) 227-4915, or through the “Contact Us” page at our new website: www.seqcenter.com.

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