SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing

Our goal as a sequencing provider is to tailor existing technologies and sample preparation methods to better accommodate small genomes. By focusing our offerings on only the most highly demanded services, we are able to consistently provide a combination of price and turnaround time that is unmatched. All prices are fully inclusive of QC, library prep, sequencing and data distribution.

Hybrid Capture Sequencing

Hybrid capture-based sequencing on the Illumina platform provides a gold standard of full genome coverage.  Rather than rely on overlapping amplicons, this method uses probes to pull down and enrich the viral genome with less bias and even coverage compared to amplicon based approaches.  Each sample in this service is enriched and sequenced, and a consensus genome is provided alongside the raw data.  Additional information regarding this methodolgy can be found here.

Submitted samples are not measured for viral load before the library preparation process, so it is recommended that only samples with Ct values below 30 are submitted.

We are able to offer this service for any number of samples at the below prices through our online ordering system:
Sample Type Price per Sample
Purified RNA $200.00
VTM Media (requiring viral RNA extraction) $215.00

ARTIC v3 Sequencing

For large scale surveillance projects that pioritize cost and number of samples over individual sample genome completeness, we are also able to offer and amplicon-based approach.  This method utilizes the most current set of primers to generate overlapping amplicons across the SARS-CoV-2 genome.  While less sensitive than the hybrid capture method, this ARTIC method produces complete genomes for higher viral load samples and some level of coverage for genomes with Ct values as high as 34.

We are able to offer this service for sample sets larger than 96 for $120.00 per purified RNA sample or $135.00 per VTM sample (includes viral RNA extraction).  Please send inquiries regarding this service to

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