We understand that not every lab has the capacity or bandwidth to analyze the large amounts of data that can be generated from sequencing. We are able to offer both standard bioinformatic analyses as well as a more customized look at the data we provide.

Reference Based Variant Calling

For only $10 per sample, we will take your data and compared it to an already assembled reference file (often retrieved from depositories such as NCBI) using a program called Breseq. The output of this comparison is a very user-friendly .html file that is navigable in any web browser even by novice users. This service is only available for haploid organisms, but can by performed on either clonal or evolved population samples. To order this add-on, simply request it on your order form and provide the desired reference file.

Short Read Assembly

There is not always a good reference available for the organism that you are working with, but that is no longer a barrier to analysis. For $40 per sample, we will de novo assemble your haploid genome using the lastest, proven assembly software. It is important to note that the short reads of Illumina sequencing are not ideal for assembly and will generally result in >100 contigs. For a better assembly, we recommend using our Nanopore-Illumina hybrid assembly, which can be found here. To order this service, please contact us by email at to discuss your samples and assembly needs.

Custom Bioinformatics

We understand that there are countless tools available to analyze your sequencing data.  If you have a project in mind that is more involved than our standard offerings, please reach out to us with a description of the work you would like performed and we will gladly provide you with a custom quote on a plan that will meet your needs.

Custom Bioinformatics

If you require more in-depth work with your sequencing data, please contact us to discuss options and pricing. We’re happy to design a pipeline to fit your needs!

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