Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to ship my samples to MiGS?
In general, ambient temperature overnight shipping is adequate for DNA samples.  For samples that are on the lower end of the concentration range or being shipped during the warmer months of the year, shipping with ice packs or dry ice is recommended.  RNA samples must be shipped frozen on dry ice as they will degrade readily under other conditions.Samples needing extraction should be sent on sealed petri dishes at room temperature, or as frozen pellets with ice packs or dry ice.

For all shipments, please ensure your samples are protected during transit by placing them in a secondary rigid container, if you are not using a box.

How should I extract my DNA/RNA?
It has been our experience that any column-based extraction kit will provide favorable results.  For internal samples, our lab has long used Qiagen Blood and Tissue kits.  Other methods of extraction will also work if care is taken to remove contaminants.  For RNA samples, we would recommend Qiagen RNeasy kits with DNase treatment.

What’s the best way to quantify my samples before sending them?
Qubit is the preferred method of quantification as it is far more accurate measuring double-stranded DNA only.  Nanodrop is also acceptable, though we ask that you aim for the higher end of the requested range as this technology tends to overestimate the concentration of DNA.  (Nanodrop readings can be 10 times greater than Qubit measurements.)

How much coverage do I need for my samples?
There is no one answer to this question as it depends on how you intend to use your data.  For an application such as referenced-based variant calling, we recommend at least 30x average coverage of your genome.

How long until I receive my data?
Starting from the day that we receive your DNA/RNA samples, you will receive your sequencing data within 14 days.  The wait is often much less than this and it is not uncommon to receive data the same week that the samples were provided.

How will I receive my data?
Your data will be uploaded to your own personal folder on Box and a link will be shared with all email addresses listed on your intake form.  The data will be available to you for 1 year and additional users can be added upon request.

There are 2 files in each folder, what are they?
The data contained within your folder will be comprised of .fastq files for the 150bp paired end reads, labeled R1 and R2 for the forward and reverse reads.  These are raw, unassembled files that come directly from the sequencer (though the Illumina adapter sequences have been trimmed off during the demultiplexing process).

What forms of payment are accepted?
MiGS accepts purchase orders, and all major credit cards with a 3% credit card processing fee. Please submit POs to For international customers, we also accept wire transfers with a $20 USD fee.

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